Monday, October 12, 2009

Wisdom comes with age~
Sometimes age comes alone!

I teach the 4/5 years olds in primary. Several months ago as I was teaching I mentioned that I was a grandma. One of my kids said, "Are you an old lady?" I assured him I was an old lady. However, I feel age is a number and you are only as old as you feel. Years ago my grandmother told me I would never grow up! I happen to agree with her. I look at my peers and feel they look so wise and put together and graceful. I feel that I am pretty much still trying to grow up!

Yesterday as I was teaching my little children in primary I showed a picture of my parents as I told of an experience I had with them. As I showed this photo of my parents, one little girl said "She is an old lady!" Define old. To precious Maggie, I'm sure that my mother looks "old". To me, my mother doesn't look that old! Perspective!

Well, today I found age truly is in the eye of the beholder. I was at the grocery store loading my items at the check out. I had two large pumpkins in my cart. I had placed the first pumpkin on the conveyor belt and was waiting for more room to open to place the second pumpkin. While I was waiting I was holding my hands together because they were cold. Well, the gal behind me (who in my mind wasn't really that much younger than I am) said, "Ma'am, can I put that pumpking up for you?" Say what! Luckily I smiled and said "No, thank you, my hands are just cold." I know she meant well, and I really was not offended. It actually was kind of funny. I always say I have no idea what 53 is supposed to feel like! I guess I'm "old" enough that in funny and unexpected ways the people around me will keep me informed! But I don't plan on taking up residence in a rocking chair just yet! After all, I'm still just trying to grow up!

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